Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The finished coat and lobster rolls

Hard to believe, but the wedding has come and gone.  I finished the coat with plenty of time to spare.  Thanks to my daughter for helping with the photo shoot.  The location is the lovely Juniper Hill Inn in Ogunquit, Maine.   

I truly enjoyed wearing this jacket.  All the other men at the wedding were wearing dark somber suits, so I'm sure I really stuck out.  Usually that would bother me because I'm not the most self confident man.   But I felt truly happy and joyous wearing this jacket, and shouldn't the clothes that we make for ourselves do just that?   I love the color (which my camera never quite captured correctly), and I'd like to think that I added a little upbeat flair to the event.  

I've put Roberto Cabrera back on the bookshelf, and the jacket is hanging in the closet.  Like all of my sewing projects this has been deeply rewarding.  I loved working with real tailoring materials; the various types of canvas, twill tape, pocketing, sleeve heads.  Even my new tailor's chalk was a pleasure.   My work space, which is very tiny, is all cleaned up waiting for the next project.  Until then, enjoy the lobster rolls!