Monday, November 7, 2011

Back to extra hour to get caught up with "The Brit"

Readers, yesterday we turned our clocks back to standard time so I took advantage of the extra hour and got started on the pea coat.  My English "sew-alonger" is well along on the muslin.  In fact, she may be on muslin #2.  Yikes!  Time to get moving.  

This is the coat.  A double breasted pea coat with welt pockets.  For those of you contemplating the book, there are 13 coats featured, but they're really just themes and variations on 4 basic patterns.  This one can be dolled up in a variety of ways.  One can add epaulets and buttoned tabs at the cuffs.   There are a variety of pocket options.  There is even one version with gold braid everywhere that strikes me as very Michael Jackson.  I'm going for the basic version.  (I have a MJ inspired coat already!)  

The patterns are traced using my trusty Swedish Tracing Paper.  A wise reader from Africa informed me that once you know what adjustments you need to make on these patterns, you can apply them to every pattern.  This has proven to be true.  I know that I need an extra 1/2" across the shoulder seam that extends down the length of the front and back, so I just make the adjustment during the tracing process.  The sleeves will probably be too long, but I'd rather wait for the muslin to make that adjustment.  

Here are all the pattern pieces.  I'm so glad this process is over.  

Here are my fabrics which I picked up in NYC's garment district a few months ago.  Thanks to my friend Martin for putting up with me during this expedition.  I dragged him from store to store on a hot summer day shopping for wool!  I ended up with a mid weight camel colored wool for $10/yd, and a printed acetate lining for $3/yd.  

The buttons are from Pacific Trimming.  They combine a rough matte texture with smooth and shiny.  Pacific Trimming has a huge selection of buttons at the back of the store, and the woman who always seems to be managing that part of the store is very helpful.  She goes from bin to bin pulling samples, and she always seems to come up with really striking combinations.  We all agreed that this one felt right for a man's coat.  

On to the muslin, which I hope will go together easily.  


  1. Hi there, from another "Brit" - could you show us the front cover of the book you're using? (Apologies if you've previously done this)

  2. OK. I'll do that. It's the Japanese sewing book "Making men's coats". I bet you can Google it. The cover is a very "Burberry looking" trench coat.