Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ready, Set....Compete!

I should have my head examined! I've gone and entered my first sewing contest at Pattern Review.



I've looked at these contests before, but they always strike me as impossible. One Pattern -- Many Looks. Oh, man, I'd be lucky to complete ONE look! Or something like, A Complete Coordinated Wardrobe. Seriously?


Anyway, I've decided to enter this designer knockoff challenge. I have the materials to make another "Phoney Missoni" jacket, and I figure this contest will be the push I need to get it made. Hopefully, I can complete it before the end of the month. Speedy I'm NOT!


BTW the grand prize is a new ironing board cover!



Better get cutting! Dad needs that cover badly.



  1. Cood luck with the contest! If the second turns out as nice as the first, you'll have my vote.

    I like the idea of the PR contests, but I can't complete the projects quickly enough and I end up stressing myself out over it. I've sworn off them for the time being.

  2. Awesome! Pressure like this is amazing in my opinion! A great way to knock out more garments! Cant wait to see the progress and the final result. Happy sewing. Oh and One of my shirts post is done!

  3. Good luck but I am not worried about you, I know you got this!