Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Blazer Goes on Ice.



I've decided to make it official and declare the blazer project officially on ice for the time being. Try as I might, I just can't gather any enthusiasm for it. It's funny how something can suck all the sewing mojo right out of me. The thought of a third muslin has had me stalled for an entire month.


I received some great advice on my various fitting issues, and for that I'm so grateful. With your suggestions I know I can make the blazer better, but my heart just isn't in it right now. Somehow the timing is off. Maybe it's the season...it's summer and I want fun things to make and wear. A black wool blazer....not so much. So I've packed it all away with a few mothballs, and I feel a huge weight has been lifted.


Another lift came in the form of a lovely note from my sewing pal Enrique. Yes! He's still alive!



He enclosed swatches of shirt fabrics that he has in the pipeline, along with some of his street photography. Such a talented guy!


So, taking a page from his playbook, I've decided to make myself some fun summer shirts. This is guaranteed to be the cure to my sewing doldrums.


Fabrics....a lightweight cotton madras-y plaid (which I've used in two other projects), and a crazy graffiti / camouflage crinkled fabric that I found at Elliott Berman.



I picked up this vintage pattern on Etsy awhile back. I'd been on the search for a new casual shirt pattern and this beauty appeared.



I love all the little details on this shirt... The back collar button, center back box pleat, a little tuck on the sleeve that creates a cuff effect, and most of all the hybrid camp / buttondown collar. I'm guessing it dates from the 60's. My thanks to whoever saved it these past 50 years.



And, look ladies! There's a matching shirt for you!


Go on, unleash your inner Nancy Reagan! Hmmmm...on second thought.....


I can't wait to get started on these shirts. I wish you all happy summer sewing projects!





  1. So interesting! My mother had this pattern back when I was very young, late 50s I think. She made all my Dad's shirts as he had very skinny, extra long arms and couldn't wear bought shirts. She also made all our dresses, and we were four girls! Love your blog and your sewing adventures! Thanks!

  2. I can't wait to see the process of sewing your shirts! Please lots of pictures!

  3. Glad you are still out there and sewing something fun!
    Boat update when you can.

  4. I'm a big believer in knowing "when to fold 'em." Looking forward to seeing the shirts you make -- and thanks for the Enrique update!

  5. It's good to take a break from something that is causing you angst. Look forward to seeing the shirts!

  6. When I was a practicing musician, I would sometimes put away those pieces that were frustrating me. Somehow, months later, my subconscious would have worked out whatever problems I was experiencing and they sounded better than ever. I'm not sure how it all works but I'm convinced stepping away was the key, so have fun with your shirts!

  7. Indeed, putting it aside is very wise. Shirts will seem fun and fast after two jacket muslins, and instant gratification is always a good 'self care' treat.
    Or so I tell myself.....

  8. Black wool in the doldrums of summer? Too hot to handle, agree, put it away until fall. Summer shirt making season? You bet! I've completed several cotton shirts from either red tag table stuff, or quilt fabrics bought full price from the quilting fabric store that have a masculine look. I don't know about you other guys, but I'm always fiddling with the fit, looser or snigger sillouette, shorter or longer hem, pockets or no? Should have a bunch by the official start of summer.

  9. I'm sorry you were not feeling it. And I'm glad there's a new blog post. Show us what you're making, I like reading your sewing adventures.

  10. Somehow I missed this post--so happy to hear Enrique is still alive!!!