Monday, September 26, 2016

Pantone, Progress and Problems

Clearly the Pantone prognosticators were watching me last March at the MPB Winter Frolic! Were they hiding behind the rolls of faux fur at NY Elegant? Did they watch me pick out this fur, knowing that I'm always way ahead of the fashion curve?


I picked this.....



Low and behold.....what do they pick for this Fall's color trends???


Potter's Clay and Sharkskin!


Of course, I'm being silly here. But I do find it amusing that my current project fits in with their color predictions. Truthfully, I would never have known about their color selections if Peter, over at Male Pattern Boldness, hadn't just finished a great work jacket in Aurora Red. Or is it Cranberry? Maybe Tomato?


In the end, who really cares? Certainly not me.





I completed the lining, which includes the scavenged swivel clip for my car keys.





I took my readers' advice and added a handle. It's not visible here, but the folded ultrasuede is held together with Wonder Tape (another gift from Kyle over at Vacuuming the Lawn). It's " secret weapon #2". It made the assembly so much easier. I added a couple of rivets for added reinforcement (plus, I just love using them).


The Janome had no difficulty sewing through all the layers here, which are considerable!




The drawstring is also attached with rivets. It's actually easier than the directions, which say to sew through all layers along the stitching line of the drawstring.





The upper band of ultrasuede is interfaced with a midweight fusible Pelon product that I picked up at JoAnn's. I have to say that I've been spoiled by the interfacings from Fashion Sewing Supply. However, the ones I had on hand all fuse at high temps, and I was worried about melting the faux suede. JoAnn's was the expedient choice, but it's hard not to feel that I paid a price "performance wise" with what I purchased there. When I make my next bag (I'm sure there'll be another) I'll take the time to order in some better products.




Setting the grommets was much easier than I had imagined. I bought this set on Etsy. Basically... Punch hole, insert the hardware, place on base and pound with a hammer. Tout fini!





I took my new backpack on a test drive this afternoon. I had a service appointment for my car which would take about 1 hour. I packed my iPad, Kindle and ear phones into their appropriate slots and headed out. A pretty significant problem became immediately noticeable.


Because the lining is only attached at the very top edge of the bag, the weight of items in the pockets allows them to shift around, mostly front to back. When than happens the top of the pack gets pulled down. It gives the impression that the backpack is collapsing in on itself. Not a good look!


Upon returning home I went to work correcting the problem. I secured the lining to the back panel of the exterior bag with four rivets. Not the easiest thing to do with the bag all assembled, but where there's a will there's a way. No more shifting lining, (and it looks good too!).



Next time....the completed backpack. Here's a little tease.






  1. This is looking fabulous. Very excited for the big furry reveal!

  2. It looks SO GREAT! Like Peter, I can't wait for the big furry reveal too!

  3. This bag is going to be fantastic. I look forward to seeing the finished creation!

  4. I've enjoyed watching your progress. I have made this pattern recently myself. Your inner lining & pockets are great. Great job! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished backpack!

  5. Your aesthetic and technical skills are inspiring. Can't wait to see the reveal. I'm auditioning some faux fur and leather right now for my own creation. Thanks for the nudge!

  6. Yep, bring on the big furry reveal! :-)

  7. Grommets, fur, rivets and suede, oh, my! This is amazing. I really want to make a fur bag now. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. This is just too fabulous. I'm in awe of your skill and design aesthetic!

  9. Hey, it's the first bag. Perfection is always within our grasp! Just one more 'make' away! (this is pretty wonderful, I'm just joshin')

  10. Very impressive bag and workmanship. Looking forward to the big faux fur reveal.