Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The completed trench coat

The coat has actually been finished for awhile.  I was hoping to have a photographer and some gritty Asbury Park, NJ backgrounds.  But my photographer was only available before his work day begins, and we both totally forgot that it's pitch black these days before 7 am.  C'est la vie.  So here I am in my garden in Maine.  

Remember there was a time that I wanted this coat to be longer?  Now I'm not so sure

The fabric is a lightweight stretch denim twill in what I'd call loden green.  I had never worked with a stretch fabric before.  I have to say that it sewed up like a dream and is very resistant to wrinkling.  It was $8 yd in the Peron's half price room on W. 40th.   Funny, I've never seen another thing that I liked in there.  

My goal now is to have the coat waterproofed.  I've checked with my local dry cleaner and they no longer do it.  The chemicals they used are no longer legal.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  Please chime in.  

Here's a glimpse of my most recent project.  Every man needs a brocade vest, right?  I'll do a short post on it soon.  


  1. Ok, the coat looks totally great, but now I'm drooling over the vest... I've been meaning to make my hubs a vest for ages but haven't found any sufficiently spectacular fabric.

    Oh, yeah. Trenchcoat. Stunning. It looks awesome. I do hope you can figure out the waterproofing---I've heard it can be done but never looked into the process.

  2. Totally fantastic. Great job, Duane!

  3. This looks great! Well fitting, timeless design and versatile color; great job!

  4. The coat looks brilliant. Over here in UK there is a product called Nik Wax - don't know if it's available in US. It's sold to re-waterproof outdoor clothing, just a thought.

  5. Congratulations, it looks great. This is on my to-do list and your blog is going to be well used along the way, I'd say.

  6. Looks great. Good job.

  7. Barbour thornproof dressing should work fine - for sale from Orvis in the US. I've used it before to reproof a Barbour jacket and you just soften it with a hairdryer and wipe it on.