Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The shopping adventure with Brian

After calculating my yardage it was time to hit the streets of New York.  I'm so lucky that Brian is willing to go with me on these excursions.  If there's a promise of Chinese food, he's willing to put up with just about anything.  I drove from Maine and met him at the Secaucus rail station in N.J. From there it's just a short train ride right into Penn Station.  We both love coming up the stairs onto 7th Avenue.  The collision into all that energy.  A few blocks North and we're in the middle of the garment district.  I found my fabric at AK Fabrics,  257 W. 39th.  It's a charcoal and brown wool herringbone.  The toggles are genuine horn and leather.  The buttons are also horn from C & C Button, 230 W. 38th.  The pockets and throat latch will be lined with black cotton flannel.  The body and sleeves will be lined with a heavy black satin.   
Sadly I couldn't afford the imported Italian cashmere at Rosen & Chadick. Brian and I did enjoy the ride in their opulent elevator to the 2nd and 3rd floor showrooms though.  The salesperson was completely humorless when Brian asked if the $189 price on the end of the bolt was for the entire bolt.  It was hysterical, but she obviously didn't think so.  I can't imagine getting up the nerve to cut fabric that expensive.  
Anyway, here's a picture of us shopping at Spandex World, which is much more our speed (or should that be Speedo!)  


  1. Which one is you and which one is Brian?

  2. I'm the old gray man trying to pull the roll out of the stack. Brian is behind me laughing. This was such a fun day! We have a summer place in Asbury Park and we were buying fabric for new Speedos.

  3. I think I was there on this day! I love this spandex place , a whole bag of scraps for ten bucks! Next time I will not bring anything with me from California and fill my entire suitcase with Spandex and Fur to bring home. Love this blog, Dad!

  4. Peter, I'm the goofier one with the Panama hat!